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Upgrading the School Grounds

Upgrading the School Grounds

School Grounds Upgrade (pdf, 1364 KB)

There is steady progress underway as we near the beginning of the major works on the school grounds. The tireless efforts of the Parents and Citizens Association of our school, combined with the generous support of the Department of Education, is now seeing results which will enormously enhance the appearance, safety and functioning of Yass High.

In the past few weeks soil testing and surveying has been conducted by SMEC, Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation, which is the company engaged by the Council to prepare the preliminary work on the site. These works include:

  1. Upgrading works of the internal roads, including some widening of the roads and the provision of an on-road cycleway
  2. A new car-park facility
  3. A new shared pedestrian path/cycleway to link with the existing network
  4. Pedestrian facilities at critical crossing locations along with pedestrian refuges and traffic calming devices
  5. Two dedicated drop off and pick up areas, one for our school buses and one for private vehicles
  6. The provision of safe pedestrian access to and from the school buildings
  7. Major earthworks to create a sporting oval provided with underground irrigation
  8. Various landscaping works which include drainage, road pavement and curbing.

The Development Application is on view at the Council and we are at present conducting a Review of Environmental Factors related to the works. The areas of interest are the impact on flora, fauna and waterways, any aesthetic impacts, public access and safety as well as any heritage and social concerns with the project.

It is important to note that not only will the students and the wider school community benefit from the cooperation of the Council and the Department of Education. The major works taking place on the oval adjacent to our school will provide a significant addition to Victoria Park as a sporting facility for our town.

Works will start in July. There will no doubt be major changes needed in our driving habits and in the pick-up and drop off of students, as well as the entry and exit of buses, when the works begin. There will be a formal Occupational Health and Safety Risk Management process undertaken and we all will be informed about the necessary changes to the movement of cars, buses and students on the site during the different stages of the works.