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The Record of School Achievement (RoSA) is the NSW Board of Studies certificate which replaced the School Certificate from 2012 (seehttp://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/). Unlike the SC, the RoSA is notawarded at the end of Year 10, but students satisfactorily completing Year 10 in 2013 will be eligible for a RoSA if they leave school before the end of Year 12. The RoSA will show grades A-E for all Year 10 courses as well as any Year 11 or 12 courses completed before the student leaves school: it will also nominate but not show grades for any courses partially completed in Years 11 or 12. There are no RoSA external examinations for school courses but students may opt to sit state-wide online literacy and numeracy tests to augment the grades they receive for formal assessment tasks in completed courses. The Board of Studies specifies procedures governing schools' assessment processes for the fair and accurate awarding of grades so that they are comparable across the state. Students become ineligible for a RoSA if they receive an "N" Determination or Award for failing to satisfactorily complete any Year 10 course. It is therefore essential that all students complete all assessment tasks to the best of their ability and submit them on time. Assessment requirements are as follows: 


Teachers will:

  1. Nominate assessment tasks to be listed in attached subject schedules, which also show the weighting and course outcomes for each task;
  2. Provide students with written assessment task outlines, including assessable components and outcomes, two weeks before due dates;
  3. Assign a mark/grade for each task which will formally contribute to the course grade (A-E) for each student as directed by the Board of Studies;
  4. Consider classwork and informal assessment as well as assessment tasks in determining final RoSA grades.
  5. Keep parents informed of general student progress, especially unsubmitted or incomplete tasks, and the risk of a failure to complete the course;
  6. Closely monitor and support student progress with tasks and provide meaningful feedback and guidance on outcomes;
  7. Ensure assessment tasks respond to and reflect the context of student learning and are based on the Board-determined course components.

Students will:

  1. Complete all requirements of the Board developed or endorsed courses and achieve at least some if not all of the course outcomes;
  2. Apply themselves with 'diligence and sustained effort' to the set tasks and experiences provided in the course by the school. That is, work hard!
  3. Complete all tasks honestly and submit them by the set date to gain marks or grades. A number of unsubmitted tasks result in an "N" award*.
  4. If there are genuine reasons, complete and submit an Application for Extension (Appendix B) before the due date or an Assessment Task Appeal (Appendix A) after the due date, signed by a parent and either providing a medical certificate if ill or evidence of misadventure or other relevant problems. If an Extension or Appeal is granted an alternative task may be set or an estimate given based on work completed.


 To safeguard effective communication and fairness, an Assessment Panel will:

a) Comprise the year adviser and a principal's nominee - normally the relevant head teacher unless they are the class teacher concerned;

b) Adjudicate on formal written Extensions and Appeals and advise students of the outcomes in writing;

c) Refer the matter to the principal if the student and/or parents are unhappy with the outcome;

d) Determine the best course of action in the case of unexpected and unusual circumstances.


* An "N" Determination, made when a student has failed to complete the essential requirements of a course, can only be given following appropriate warning letters home (Appendix C) and after time for correction has been allowed. Students have a right to appeal an "N" Award (see Board website above for procedures). "N" awards in mandatory courses will result in ineligibility for a RoSA and may prevent entry into Year 11 Preliminary courses.

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